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HR- department SMYT LLS is  looking for an attentive , responsible person

who will take on the task to maintain the work  with  different web-sources  and will become a part of our team.

SMYT LLS  is a company which specializes in development and implementation of complicated IT- solutions.
According tothecompany philosophy,the team isthe main value of SMYT LLSThe key task of the HR-department is to recruitappropriate employees who will contribute  tothe development of our company.

The main responsibilities:
Active and passive search for candidates for our actual vacancies.
Handling of correspondence.
Operation of the candidates  database.
Initial communication with  applicants.
Co-operating with the HR-team.

Our requirements :
Intermediate English
Grammatically literate
Credibility and integrity
Being good at time - management
Positive self-motivation  for the work from home

Working conditions :
Permanent teleworking 20-40 hours
Hourly pay
Growth prospects

As a test task we ask you to handle

following cases:
The candidate with inappropriate  hard-skills   persistently applies for your vacancy on the freelance - planform.  The language is English.  Compose the rejection letter in polite but  effective manner
You have found the CV on the internet, which ideally matches up your requirements such as  knowledge in technologies X,Y,Z and application of them for N years. The language is Russian. Compose the letter which could engage the candidate to communication.

Если Вас заинтересует наша  вакансия, мы ждем Ваш ответ на hr@smyt.ru С ПОМЕТКОЙ ДЛЯ НАТАЛИИ либо добавьте в скайпе nataly.smyt для проведения предварительного собеседования
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