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12.01.2019 18:18 МСК
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The fast-growing group of companies MASTER GROUP is looking for employees for its new direction in the country of India. There is a need for teams for three companies:

-1 company export sawn timber from pine, spruce, cedar from Russia to India, China, Middle Eastern countries.
-2 company for organizing cargo transportation from Russia to India,China, Middle Eastern countries
-3 company in the direction, opening of visas to Russia, organizing a business tour to Russia, transaction support, etc.

At present, there is a long-term relationship; you will be brought to us. It also requires the creation of a system that will train and easily manage a team of 5-10 local sales staff on a commission basis.

commission size: $ 3 for 1 cube of sawn timber, for example, in 1 container 50 cube = $ 150 from 1 container, we will be able to ship from 15 to 100 containers per month.

Please note that you must be in India,  China, Middle Eastern countries and know the Indian,  Chinese and Middle Eastern countries  market well.

We will be glad to see you in our team.
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